ruffle cakes and ruffle stands

I just about died when I saw Bakerella’s latest post! Not only were the pictures just dreamy, but one of the ruffle cakes I am praying our baker can replicate was featured, along with an exact replica of one of our ruffle cake stands! I can’t tell you where any of these come from, I wish I could because they are just gorgeous, but I can tell you I got mine at TJ Maxx for $9! My fingers are crossed that our cake display will look almost as fabulous as this one!


Inspiration: wedding

This is the cake that started it all! The total inspiration for our wedding, this cake incorporated everything we (okay mostly me) were looking for. With less than three months left to go, we are finally starting to see things come together!  Mostly because it is hard to miss all of our DIY projects and orders that keep showing up in all corners of our apartment right now.  I have a feeling that the fed ex guy and I are going to become great friends these last few months. :)