Purple Peonies

My sister-in-law to be and my mom went to our florist yesterday to make final arrangements for the wedding. First let me tell you that if you ever get a chance, you NEED to stop into Buds N Bloom. I am normally not one to ohh and ahh over flowers, but I want to take home everything in this shop! It is full of fun and unique floral arrangements and the owner always has extremely clever  ideas.

So when we stopped in, I went with the pretense that most of our flowers were going to be big purple peonies until I was told peonies do not come in purple! Who knew?  So we came up with the lisianthus flower which I am absolutely excited about. They still have that oversized flower feeling and lots and lots of texture. These specifically are for the bridesmaids and will encompass a few more details, but you will have to wait another 78 days to see those….not that I am counting…:)