A DIY Pouf Part 1

If you remember this post when I confessed my love for all pillows, poufs, and knitted puffs, then  you won’t be surprised to know my feelings have hardly changed. These cute little circle- shaped ottomans are so fun, but like everything else I seems to swoon over, a little spendy too.

You can find these pillows and puffs anywhere now from Target to TJ, to West Elm or Crate and Barrel, but their prices run from the somewhat reasonable $50 price tag to the upwards of $300. Yikes!

I’ve noticed though, that there are some great tutorials out there now (some of my favorites are here and here).  However, when I found this little jewel at the thrift store the other day, my jaw dropped when I saw the price….

5 bucks!

It looks like it’s actually in pretty good shape, but the truth is it’s pretty worn and the seams are beginning to tear quite a bit. Other than that though, the shape is great and it’s huge compared to its pricey competitors.  I think all I really need now is a great patterned fabric and maybe a sewing tutorial or two.


DIY Book Trees

As I was swooning over decorating ideas on HGTV over the weekend, I decided I wanted to try some myself. I am a sucker for anything that has a vintage or rustic look to it, and since these incorporated book pages it really spoke to the English teacher in me. I think the hardest part of this project was deciding which pages to sacrifice for it! Otherwise, a super easy (and reasonable) diy!


Styrafoam cones

An old book


Hot glue

Step one:

Pull out book pages and cut in a zig-zagged fashion.

Step two:

Hot glue the cut-out pages around Styrofoam, layering all the way up as you go. That’s it!

At the very end, I curled the edges with a pencil, but you could also leave them straight and layered. Either way, I think they made the perfect addition to our Christmas decor this year!