Baking in the making…

I think my obession with baked goods started last year with the show Cupcake Wars.  Shortly after came DC Cupcakes with their pretty pink boxes  and then I found Bakerella. It was all downhill from there! Over the past few days, weeks maybe even,  I have come across some of the best cupcake blogs and cupcake recipes. I am dying to try some of these ideas, but am having a hard time picking which ones to start with, probably because they all look equally amazing. Here are my top 3 contenders for the weekend:

1. Lemon raspberry cupcakes with raspberry filling by Cherry Tea Cakes

2. Rose water cupcakes with a buttercream frosting from Eat Blog Sleep

3. A cupcake wars winner: Raspberry Tiramisu cupcakes soaked in espresso and amaretto by chef Chloe