A Cozy Coffee Bar

Okay, so the blog isn’t completely done yet, and it may even see some bigger changes in the future, so bear with me as some things might be a little quirky around here and other things are put into place!

In the meantime I thought I’d share some projects that have recently popped up in our place.

I should tell you first that there have been so many disappointing trips to the thrift store. I think that is the thing about thrifting though. You either go and find a million magnificent things, or you scour the place for hours only to leave empty handed and hungry…which for me usually equates to crabby, and that’s not fun for anyone! Recently, the leaving empty-handed type of trips have been our case, so with a long list of items on our wish list we have come to carry no expectations while searching through our favorite stores.

Except for last weekend. This was not one of those days and we found the perfect redo for a coffee bar we planned to create.

Here is the little lovely before. Scratched, worn, and old. Perfect!

After a good sanding and a couple coats of primer and paint….

we got our coffee bar!

I think my favorite part of the whole refinished product is the saturated seafoam color and cool glass knobs we scored. Okay, maybe the baskets too. Oh! And the jars on top. Hell, I love it all! Just a few more accessories to add, a good cup of coffee to go with it, and our little  corner cafe will be complete. See the breakdown below for the cost of our coffee bar.

Thrifted dresser: $30

Glass knobs: $9

Paint, primer and additional materials: $40

Total: $79

 Not too shabby!