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Now that we’ve settled into our new house, there is also a brand new blog settling into a new place. With more defined content and a whole new look check, out the new blog at:

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New year, new blog!


Please pardon the mess while Stephanie Married gets made over!


Ready for the week

Christmas was great. It was fun, relaxing, and full of family and friends. It was also a whirlwind; a non-stop go go go from Friday night to Monday morning but that’s how we like it best. Now that the chaos of Christmas is over, I am so ready for the rest of my break. Coffee, cozy socks, and maybe a little clean up here and there are all on my to-do list. Bring on the rest of the week!

Putting together Christmas

Every year I look forward to these 5 whole days of food, family, and free time. My husband and I took full advantage of our mini vacation getting together with family and preparing our place for the holidays. We even got our Christmas cards taken care of! It was a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of the holidays and finish some overdue projects too!

While Andrew put up the tree…

I worked on some Christmas decorations. My favorite: The book tree. Tutorial to come!

Ella didn’t do too much but sit and look cute-and that was okay with us!


Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend as well!

After a year of teaching, I’m a teacher!

Now that I have finally seen my classroom and what needs to be done, I can officially start planning my year. Right after a few new projects to get my room ready that is. :)

I saw this idea on Pinterest (big surprise) and so wanted one for the front of my own desk! What I thought would be a quick  project was actually pretty time consuming, but so super easy and cheap to do!


Letter cut out from JoAnn’s: 3.99

Skein of yarn: 2.99

Hot glue gun: Had on hand

Fabric flowers: had made already

With the flowers the total cost comes to under $10!