Kids are funny

I started an interactive bulletin board in my class called “I used to think…” that the kids absolutely love. I didn’t give them much direction other than they could utilize the board during journal or down time, because I wanted to see what they would come up with. Here are some of my favorites so far:

I used to think….

That kidnappers were just kids who took naps.

That brown cows milked chocolate milk.

That teachers slept at school and didn’t have cars. (Lately, I HAVE felt like that!)

That if I swallowed watermelon seeds they would grow in my stomach. Thanks, Rugrats.

That fish had underwater human-like lives.

That monsters would grab my foot if it fell off the bed….I still think that.

That the Ice Cream truck would only play music when it was out of ice cream. Thanks, Dad.

That getting fired meant being set on fire.

That Euthanasia was youth in Asia.

That Mrs. Rudolph was sent by Santa from the north pole.