Ruffled Wreath

Remember when I wrote this post? Because of the awful connotation I still can’t help hating the word, but I also still can’t help loving all the ones I find on my daily reads, blogs, and inspiration sites!

Six Sisters’ Stuff came up with this great tutorial on this lovely:

And here is my interpretation!

The only thing I changed was the ruffle. Instead of wrapping it around (it was a bit too short) I attached it vertically. I must say I love the color combination too! :)


DIY: One hour wreath


Wreath form

Glue gun

White or natural coffee filters

Sharpie or a fat marker


1. Place center of coffee filter over top of marker so that the filter almost covers it.

2. Put a dab of the hot glue onto the center of the coffee filter.

3. Use the marker to guide the coffee filter and press down the tip onto the wreath form.

4. Take out the marker and repeat until the form is covered entirely with the filters!

Total cost: $6

refurnished, refurbished, reupholstered furniture

I have to preface this post by first saying that in no way am I or my husband experts in any of these topics so please take the following lightly. I don’t know the right terminology to use in regards to the subjects, so don’t judge me either when I say things like “We ripped the foamy thing off of the round part,” or “We stapled the doodad to the backside of the other thinger.” I don’t know what I am talking about.

Sure we have watched our share of HGTV…..okay a lot of it…..We’ve watched American Pickers and Pawn Stars, and enough of the DIY networks shows to single handedly keep them in business. At this point we are probably sounding like every other couple in america sitting next to eachother on a Sunday night thinking “Hey, we can do that too, right? How hard can it be?”

My recent love for blog wondering (that sounds better than stalking doesn’t it?) and an ever present tight budget has also let to the recent push to “do it ourselves” and get our hands a little dirty. I have come across the most fabulous furniture, wall art, and projects that use old, every day materials to create something stunning, and my husband has had the itch to get his hands on some kind of project…any kind of project.

So this evening we took a trip to a local thrift store just to get some ideas and left with not one, not two, but three chairs and some window shutters. The chairs are envisioned to be awesome and you’ll find out about the shutters later, but they are as equally promising.

For those of you who don’t really have a sense for who my husband is yet, when he gets an idea in his head he is about as patient as a child on Christmas morning. So after a few more stops for some absolutely necessary supplies and tools, we were on our way home with our new hobby.

Here’s an idea of what we are starting with:

 I know, sooo ugly right? Trust me though, we have a vision…I hope.

So I let my husband so all the fun stuff like removing the seat, tearing out the cushions, ripping out the staples….

Sanding off the old finish…he loved every moment of it. No really, he did!

So the plan is to sand the rest of it, give it a good prime and paint, and some new life to the old cushions. I am anxious to see where this goes!

Stay tuned for the final finishes of our first attempt and check back for our attempts at the others!

Have you heard of Pinterest?

So this all started when I took over my husband’s computer in real space and cyper space. It’s a good thing we got an ipad for our wedding, because I can’t remember the last time he got his fingers on these keys. That was probably a good thing because his minimalist approach to organization would have just about died when he found the hundreds of photos and folders filled with ideas for sewing, knitting, baking and whatever other pretty pictures I came across online.

That all changed though when I stumbled upon Pinterest, probably the most genius site for the idea obsessed. I am probably months, maybe years behind this approach to online organization, but I have to say I am slightly… okay MAJORLY excited about my find. Pinterest is a place where you can create virtual bulletin boards and literately pin anything from the internet onto any created board.

So for example, you come across a recipe you must have but you know it is probably just going to get lost in the rest of your bookmarked food blogs that you swore you were going to remember for dinner next week. Instead, you can set up a “pin” on your tool bar, click it, and save it to you pinterest site! The best part of it is, is that is saves with a picture so you can easily find the peanut butter and banana cupcakes or crock pot mac-n-cheese you saved weeks ago. See? Fabulous, right?!

Here are some of my favorite finds and DIYs. If you want the details on these pins you find and follow me here or browse by the thousands on the site. Happy pinning!

The start of an Etsy

When I make something great, (a cozy knitted headband, an oversized cowl with floral embellishments, or mittens with cute little owls knitted in them) I always end up giving them away. Birthdays, Christmas’….Labor Day…. I always find an excuse to gift my items. The funny thing is though that after the ribbon is torn off and the wrapping paper is gone I always ask myself why I do that, because truth is- I love the things I make! I want to keep them all to myself.  Even though that sounds selfish, there is just something about finishing a project that gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I usually think, “hey I did that! I made that and it looks pretty darn good!”

For instance, I wish I could have kept this!

And these!

I know, what would I have done with the knitted mouse my sister wanted, but seriously cute, right!?

After just a little bit of gloating and patting myself on the back,  I usually think of someone else who would probably really enjoy it too and I cant help but tie my project up with an oversized bow. Birthdays, Christmas’….Labor Day….I love to share what I create.

So-I opened an Etsy. Now don’t leave just yet to scour the site for my shop-it’s not quite there yet, but it will be! You have to start somewhere and sometime, right? I am hoping to fill my shop with some great knitted accessories and some not-knitted accessories too. I am excited and nervous at the same time, but what is there to risk? If worse comes to worse…I suppose I could keep it all myself. :)