Living room re-do

Now that the days are getting longer, and our countdown to moving day is getting shorter, I am getting more and more anxious to start our re-design. Color, pattern, and texture are all on my must have list for our new living space!

Here is what I’m thinking…

Now the trick will be to find all these lovely pieces…





Free People DIYS!

Yes, seriously! I just stumbled upon Free People’s blog and not only do they have super cute ideas, but they have super cute tutorials like this one!

and this one!

And this one!

Oh yeah, these too!!

These are just a few of them-the people over at Free People put a new tutorial up every Wednesday! Yay for cheap and FREE Free people things!

This ain’t your grandma’s wreath

When I hear the word wreath, I think of tufted, floral, donut-shaped awfulness. I think of out- dated craft shows, and the front doors of senior apartments and condos. I think ugly.

As I did my morning browsing on Etsy the other day though, I kept coming across these modern, inspiring, and down right cute (dare I say) wreaths! I could not stop searching for more, and saving some for my craft files along the way.

The word wreath seems so stigmatized though that I just cant bring myself to express my love for these round crafts. (Though I guess by posting this, I just have.) Can’t we find a better name for these cute little creations and start a new wreath revolution? I have no ideas yet, but here are some of my favorites from Etsy. Just click on the pics to open the shops! Now the only problem is convincing my clean-line -loving fiance that a circle full of fluff should be next on our decorating list! :)

Walk-in to wonderful

I came across the ultimate closet today over on BHG. Tell me you you do not envy this walk in! Here are just some of the amazing features this dream space boasts. I think my favorite part is the valet hook to hang tomorrow’s outfit or set up for steaming. If you want to see the full post you can find it here. I think this closet would even fit my center vanity! :)