Our first Christmas via instagram

Well I guess it wasn’t technically our first Christmas together, but married-life speaking it was! It’s funny though how it never actually feels like the big day when it’s here, but another Christmas has quickly come and gone. We had an amazing time celebrating with our families and even got a little white on the ground. Perfection.

Andrew getting in some cuddle-time with our little nephew

Celebrating Christmas Eve at the in-laws

My best friend, Megan and I

Can you believe we have known each other for over almost 15 years?

Ella trying to wake up on Christmas morning

I don’t think she was as excited as Andrew and I were!

Christmas at my parents proved to be interesting-

starting out with my grandpa getting women’s pajamas!

And my Grandma getting his…oops!!

My beautiful sister and her dog, Artie. How comfy do they look?

I think Ella was very excited about her fleece from Grandma.

Breaking in the new Packer tumblers!

One of my favorite things…a print made by my sister (isn’t she great?!)

and ohh that throw!

I hope you and your family had just as wonderful of a weekend!


Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and your loved ones a warm and merry Christmas!

Stephanie, Andrew, and Eloise too!

Christmas Card Displays

With Christmas now less than 10 days away we have gotten quite a few cards from family and friends filling our mailbox. I used to just pin each one to the fridge, but in past years its been harder and harder to find the door! I’d love to hang each one up for the holidays, and with some of these cute Christmas displays I think they would all fit much better.

For instance, I am dying a little bit over The Christmas Ladder from Tatertots and Jello. I love this because I would use it afterwards to hang our favorite throws.

For Christmas:

For every other month of the year (sans cheesy lantern):

Cute jars via BHG:

Another one of my favorites- this bulletin board turned card display:


I  also love the idea of wrapping ribbon around a frame to  pin or hang the cards over.

A couple of clothes pins and an embroidery hoop would make a cute display too!

How are you hanging your cards this year?

Holiday Baking

Usually during the holidays I don’t do too much baking. That is mainly because half the of the items made get eaten before they are given… and I can’t blame it all on my husband.

This year we made a bit more, partly because of the cookie exchange I did with my family and partly because of the holiday bake sale at school. The main reason for all the baking though? Pinterest. Oh, Pinterest.

That is one giant truffle….

The Oreo truffles for our cookie exchange were so easy! You can find the recipe here.

Packaging for our exchange! Chinese boxes wrapped in ribbon.

And then I came home with this….. :)

I could not resist these reindeer cupcakes for our school’s bake sale. How fun are these?

Hope you are having as much fun with your holiday treats!

DIY Book Trees

As I was swooning over decorating ideas on HGTV over the weekend, I decided I wanted to try some myself. I am a sucker for anything that has a vintage or rustic look to it, and since these incorporated book pages it really spoke to the English teacher in me. I think the hardest part of this project was deciding which pages to sacrifice for it! Otherwise, a super easy (and reasonable) diy!


Styrafoam cones

An old book


Hot glue

Step one:

Pull out book pages and cut in a zig-zagged fashion.

Step two:

Hot glue the cut-out pages around Styrofoam, layering all the way up as you go. That’s it!

At the very end, I curled the edges with a pencil, but you could also leave them straight and layered. Either way, I think they made the perfect addition to our Christmas decor this year!