Cupcakes with a quick clean up

I think the thing I hate most about baking, cooking, or any other kind of craft or project for that matter is clean-up. I tell you, I can turn over drawers to find a spatula, I can rummage through cupboards for sugar and spices, and I really let loose when it comes to finding just the right icing tip or cute cupcake liners. I really have no problem making a mess. It’s the end of the project that gets me. The looking around the kitchen thinking “Where is my husband, because there is no way I could have made this mess” part that makes me swear I’ll never take on a project like that again.

I knew then when I found some of these tools for creating cupcakes though, the mess at the end wouldn’t seem half bad. They even tackle two of the most annoying parts for me when it comes to making cupcakes: Filling the liners without filling your countertops with a polka-dotted pattern, and a mess-free icing trick that is just pure genius.

Tool #1

The first item Megan and I actually found at Walmart in the midst of gathering our groceries for the salted caramel chocolate cupcakes we made. The picture below is not the exact one we found (because ours came with a spreader too) but it is pretty close! The cup measures the perfect amount of batter, and the pour spout on the side ensures a mess free batter pouring process. At $2.98 we loved the price just as much!

Tool #2

I am pretty sure the reason why I am always so turned off by icing is because it is so darn frustrating to try and stuff all that frosting into the bag, and then have to wash it over and over to get all of it out. The answer to that? Saran wrap. See below for the best video tutorial on mess-free frosting. It is brilliant…and it works!

Have any other mess saving tips or tricks?

I’d love to hear them!

Holiday Baking

Usually during the holidays I don’t do too much baking. That is mainly because half the of the items made get eaten before they are given… and I can’t blame it all on my husband.

This year we made a bit more, partly because of the cookie exchange I did with my family and partly because of the holiday bake sale at school. The main reason for all the baking though? Pinterest. Oh, Pinterest.

That is one giant truffle….

The Oreo truffles for our cookie exchange were so easy! You can find the recipe here.

Packaging for our exchange! Chinese boxes wrapped in ribbon.

And then I came home with this….. :)

I could not resist these reindeer cupcakes for our school’s bake sale. How fun are these?

Hope you are having as much fun with your holiday treats!

Baking in the making…

I think my obession with baked goods started last year with the show Cupcake Wars.  Shortly after came DC Cupcakes with their pretty pink boxes  and then I found Bakerella. It was all downhill from there! Over the past few days, weeks maybe even,  I have come across some of the best cupcake blogs and cupcake recipes. I am dying to try some of these ideas, but am having a hard time picking which ones to start with, probably because they all look equally amazing. Here are my top 3 contenders for the weekend:

1. Lemon raspberry cupcakes with raspberry filling by Cherry Tea Cakes

2. Rose water cupcakes with a buttercream frosting from Eat Blog Sleep

3. A cupcake wars winner: Raspberry Tiramisu cupcakes soaked in espresso and amaretto by chef Chloe