Happy Birthday, husband

Andrew’s not so much into birthdays…unlike me where there is a week long celebration filled with cupcakes, candles, and way too much playing of the “birthday card” game. He doesn’t get excited over streamers, and never mentions any birthday wishes.

I guess to me a birthday has to have some kind of specialness (can that be a word?) to it, otherwise who wants to get another year older?  It always surprises me then when his birthday requests always includes a low-key agenda and something to do with sweats. I have to admit that does sound pretty good…maybe he is on to something here.

So today he trotted of to work, birthday donuts in hand, and I had my class sing the best rendition of “happy birthday” they could muster up this morning…and I’m pretty sure it was the topic of the morning. Maybe even at Andrew’s work too. :)

So happy birthday to my low-key lover. Tonight we’ll celebrate it your way with a dinner at home, in our sweats, followed by the cake I baked for you…all afternoon…right after I force you to take a couple birthday pics.

Happy 25!


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