Our first Christmas via instagram

Well I guess it wasn’t technically our first Christmas together, but married-life speaking it was! It’s funny though how it never actually feels like the big day when it’s here, but another Christmas has quickly come and gone. We had an amazing time celebrating with our families and even got a little white on the ground. Perfection.

Andrew getting in some cuddle-time with our little nephew

Celebrating Christmas Eve at the in-laws

My best friend, Megan and I

Can you believe we have known each other for over almost 15 years?

Ella trying to wake up on Christmas morning

I don’t think she was as excited as Andrew and I were!

Christmas at my parents proved to be interesting-

starting out with my grandpa getting women’s pajamas!

And my Grandma getting his…oops!!

My beautiful sister and her dog, Artie. How comfy do they look?

I think Ella was very excited about her fleece from Grandma.

Breaking in the new Packer tumblers!

One of my favorite things…a print made by my sister (isn’t she great?!)

and ohh that throw!

I hope you and your family had just as wonderful of a weekend!


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