Christmas Card Displays

With Christmas now less than 10 days away we have gotten quite a few cards from family and friends filling our mailbox. I used to just pin each one to the fridge, but in past years its been harder and harder to find the door! I’d love to hang each one up for the holidays, and with some of these cute Christmas displays I think they would all fit much better.

For instance, I am dying a little bit over The Christmas Ladder from Tatertots and Jello. I love this because I would use it afterwards to hang our favorite throws.

For Christmas:

For every other month of the year (sans cheesy lantern):

Cute jars via BHG:

Another one of my favorites- this bulletin board turned card display:

I  also love the idea of wrapping ribbon around a frame to  pin or hang the cards over.

A couple of clothes pins and an embroidery hoop would make a cute display too!

How are you hanging your cards this year?


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