Thirteen little things

Fridays always seem to carry this really great energy. I love Friday’s because people are generally in a good mood as we are all aware that the two S’s are just a few hours away and that for forty eight hours our days are dictated by us.

The funny thing though is that we still go to work on Fridays. We still get up early on Fridays. We still generally see and speak to the same people as we would Monday-Thursday. So why can’t all the days of the week embrace the same fridayness we feel at the end of a week, and command the same sentiments that we only share with one of them? Most likely it’s because we don’t have these wonderful thoughts of things to come, things to look forward to floating in our heads right at the beginning of the week. We have to wait for Friday.

Thirteen little things is a collection of small ideas, little things in life to think about and be thankful for from the week and throughout the coming one, so that the other days don’t seem so bad and Fridays never seem so far away.



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