From awful to amazing…the chair is finished!

Yes! That’s right! It is already complete. Now maybe to the seasoned upholsterer this has taken some time, but for us makeover virgins we are pretty happy with the timing and most importantly, the outcome!

I have to say husband did a pretty darn good job being that he has never once tackled a project like this. I am not surprised though because he has one of those crazy qualities of being able to pick up just about anything and master it from the first attempt. From the sewing to the piping details I am quite impressed.

Just to remind you, here is what we started with:

Then he sanded…

primed and painted…

redid the pads…

and added the piping…

And now we finally have our first finished project  just begging for a place to be put!

Or for someone to take it over… :)

Curious about the total cost?

Chair: $15 at thrift store

Fabric: $35

Paint and primer: $12

Total cost: $62!

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