Have you heard of Pinterest?

So this all started when I took over my husband’s computer in real space and cyper space. It’s a good thing we got an ipad for our wedding, because I can’t remember the last time he got his fingers on these keys. That was probably a good thing because his minimalist approach to organization would have just about died when he found the hundreds of photos and folders filled with ideas for sewing, knitting, baking and whatever other pretty pictures I came across online.

That all changed though when I stumbled upon Pinterest, probably the most genius site for the idea obsessed. I am probably months, maybe years behind this approach to online organization, but I have to say I am slightly… okay MAJORLY excited about my find. Pinterest is a place where you can create virtual bulletin boards and literately pin anything from the internet onto any created board.

So for example, you come across a recipe you must have but you know it is probably just going to get lost in the rest of your bookmarked food blogs that you swore you were going to remember for dinner next week. Instead, you can set up a “pin” on your tool bar, click it, and save it to you pinterest site! The best part of it is, is that is saves with a picture so you can easily find the peanut butter and banana cupcakes or crock pot mac-n-cheese you saved weeks ago. See? Fabulous, right?!

Here are some of my favorite finds and DIYs. If you want the details on these pins you find and follow me here or browse by the thousands on the site. Happy pinning!


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