The start of an Etsy

When I make something great, (a cozy knitted headband, an oversized cowl with floral embellishments, or mittens with cute little owls knitted in them) I always end up giving them away. Birthdays, Christmas’….Labor Day…. I always find an excuse to gift my items. The funny thing is though that after the ribbon is torn off and the wrapping paper is gone I always ask myself why I do that, because truth is- I love the things I make! I want to keep them all to myself.  Even though that sounds selfish, there is just something about finishing a project that gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I usually think, “hey I did that! I made that and it looks pretty darn good!”

For instance, I wish I could have kept this!

And these!

I know, what would I have done with the knitted mouse my sister wanted, but seriously cute, right!?

After just a little bit of gloating and patting myself on the back,  I usually think of someone else who would probably really enjoy it too and I cant help but tie my project up with an oversized bow. Birthdays, Christmas’….Labor Day….I love to share what I create.

So-I opened an Etsy. Now don’t leave just yet to scour the site for my shop-it’s not quite there yet, but it will be! You have to start somewhere and sometime, right? I am hoping to fill my shop with some great knitted accessories and some not-knitted accessories too. I am excited and nervous at the same time, but what is there to risk? If worse comes to worse…I suppose I could keep it all myself. :)


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