Pillows, poufs, and knitted puffs

So in the middle of organizing my wedding photos and before and afters (which I promise I will get to-there are some great ones!) I keep coming across these adorable pillows, poufs, and knitted puffs. No matter what you call them, they are popping up all over my daily reads, tumblr and pinterest, and I can not get enough! Seriously, I don’t know what it is about these colorful little pillows, but I think I have to have one! I realize they have probably really have no functional purpose, and we really don’t have the room for them, but just looking at these marshmallow-like poufs  makes me happy. Do I really need a better justification? Here are some of the little darlings I have come across and even a knitted pattern! If I am suddenly astray from the blog, you know where I am. :)


One thought on “Pillows, poufs, and knitted puffs

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