Wedding DIYS: The Dress

If you have ever planned a wedding, been a part of a wedding, or seen a wedding created from start to finish, you realize just how much money, time, and different talents go into the event. After watching my sister-in-law go through the rituals of wedding planning, I knew like her I wanted to do much of it myself. So from centerpieces, to seating arrangements, Andrew and I took on a lot of the responsibility of pulling off our grey and purple peacock inspired party. Below you will find a collection of DIYS and some of the DIDon’ts!

{1. The dress}

Though this really is not considered a DIY, it went from a disaster to my dream dress in a matter of days. It was totally redone, reconstructed and for the most part, re-designed.  I guess I should call this my first don’t.



Photo by: Erin Jean photography

All I remember is standing in front of my seamstress’ mirror fighting back tears as I looked at my dress. I tried to tell myself it was the one, that everyone loved it, and that with the right accessories it would be perfect. Truth was though, I hated it!

The next thing I knew, my seamstress tucked herself under my dress and just started cutting. I could imagine most brides would go into a stress induced panic, but I was all of a sudden excited and literately unruffled as I cheered her on from the top layer.

So the moral of the story? Try on many different dresses in many different styles-even if you think “never in a million years would I wear a dress like that!” Sometimes, that is just when you find the one. And then when you do find the one, stop looking! Thankfully for me, I have a very talented seamstress who can literally work miracles…


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