This ain’t your grandma’s wreath

When I hear the word wreath, I think of tufted, floral, donut-shaped awfulness. I think of out- dated craft shows, and the front doors of senior apartments and condos. I think ugly.

As I did my morning browsing on Etsy the other day though, I kept coming across these modern, inspiring, and down right cute (dare I say) wreaths! I could not stop searching for more, and saving some for my craft files along the way.

The word wreath seems so stigmatized though that I just cant bring myself to express my love for these round crafts. (Though I guess by posting this, I just have.) Can’t we find a better name for these cute little creations and start a new wreath revolution? I have no ideas yet, but here are some of my favorites from Etsy. Just click on the pics to open the shops! Now the only problem is convincing my clean-line -loving fiance that a circle full of fluff should be next on our decorating list! :)


3 thoughts on “This ain’t your grandma’s wreath

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